"Building Bridges with Light"
In memoriam of Yu. N. Denisyuk
10th International Symposium on Display Holography
28 June - 3 July, 2015, St. Petersburg

Welcome to ISDH-2015!

The 10th International Symposium on Display Holography will  take place in Russia (St. Petersburg) in early July 2015 (dates: 28 June-3 July 2015) 

  Welcome to the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, which has the honour of hosting this symposium in 2015. Welcome to Saint-Petersburg - the city of White Nights, the cultural capital of Russia. An open-minded symposium in an open-minded university at an open-minded city! Join us in an unforgettable life-time experience!  

Vladimir N. Vasiliev,
President of ITMO University
Doctor of technical sciences, Professor
Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences
Vice-president of Russian Rector Union
Chairman of St. Petersburg Rector Council

This is the 10th in a series of conferences which originated at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois, USA, in 1982. The symposium, which is a week-long event, is focused on holographic imaging for applications in art, advertising, science, marketing, display or any other application where the 3D image is essential. Both artists, imaging scientists and business people from around the world will be invited to attend.

At the 2015 symposium the latest advancements in holography and holographic imaging will be reported and demonstrated, including both state-of-the-art computer-synthetic and electronic holography for display purposes. The recent developments of large-format colour holograms will be reported. The use of the ultra-realistic colour hologram images for the recording of unique museum artefacts will be an important part of the conference programme. In addition, the history and the future of holography will be covered. Other topics are art concepts, holographic recording materials, document security applications and the business of holography and holographic imaging in advertising and product display for trade shows and point-of-purchase display.

With St.Petersburg being an important location for display holography (not only on account of Y.N. Denisyuk but also because of the work done in relation to museum artefacts during the 80s and 90s), there will be an international exhibition of holograms at the Elisseev Palace on the spit of Valisevkii island in St. Petersburg. Such an exhibition will be further enhanced with the exhibits of the Museum of Optics of St. Petersburg, also run under the auspices of ITMO.  The exhibition, which will be opened during the week of the symposium, will be officially opened to the public and will run during Summer, a popular period for tourism in St. Petersburg, as well as through Autumn 2015 mostly addressed to schools.


  • Deadline for abstracts: 28 Feb 2015
  • 15 Mar 2015: Acceptance of Papers
  • 30 Apr 2015: Deadline for early registration with/without visa support
  • 31May 2015: Deadline for registration without visa support


ITMO University Hellenic Institute on Holography
  Design: Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics, ITMO University